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What is a titan? Yes, the technical definition of a titan is “an extremely important person.” However, I truly believe that being a titan is way more than just being in a great financial position. Being a titan is a way of life. It’s a mentality. Not a mentality of greed and selfish ambitions, but more so a mentality of pure abundance and fulfilment. It’s about being open-minded, hustling, and offering comprehensive prosperity with no expectations.

 -Josiah Dettmann

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The Tulsa Titan home team provides you with a monthly watchlist of investment properties as well as offering many cash investment opportunities…

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My most recent project that I finished is actually a property that I bought last year. To be completely honest, the reason it took me so long to finish is because I got sick with my Type 1 Diabetes late last year/early this year. Also, I had to learn a few lessons the hard way when it came to contractors, and got screwed over on some foundation work. About $10,000 worth of a lesson right there… 

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