What Qualifies Me To Be A Coach?

Well let me tell you. I started my business at 19 with absolutely no money in the bank. Flash forward 5 years later and I’ve successfully completed hundreds of real estate transactions. I began with wholesaling properties, and then transitioned to acquiring rentals. My portfolio now consists of over 20 single family residential rental units and a 32 unit mobile home park (52 units total.) When you book an hourlong consultation with me; You are gaining direct access to 5 years worth of crucial knowledge and expertise. If you are serious about your success as a real estate investor, you will see the amount of value you can receive with just booking a time with me.

What Is A "Ride Along"?

Booking a “Ride Along” grants you an all day VIP experience. Here’s a list of things that are included during this time with me:
• Unlimited Questions
• Walkthrough of all my active renovations
• Lunch at Charleston’s🍴
• Walkthrough of a house to explain what I look for renovation wise before buying. Then I’ll breakdown the financial numbers on it.
• Actionable plan to help you meet your goals

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