5 Steps to Being Successful EVERY DAY

“I just wanna be successful…” as Drake would say.

The dream of being successful is what motivates me every day. It is what gets me through 16-hour workdays, and working on the weekends while my friends are out partying. 

I think everyone wants to be successful in his or her own way. The problem today is that success is often related to some amount of material wealth.  At first, I thought this too. “Once I have the nicest house, the newest car, the most expensive clothes, blah blah blah…” The list can go on and on. 

In the first couple of years, before I was seeing big payouts, it was extremely difficult to cope with my definition of success because I wasn’t reaching it and it seemed like I never would. I have learned throughout this journey that there is so much more that goes into the everyday aspect of success. I still have huge monetary goals that motivate me, but I have realized that having these material things will never fulfill me as a human. Redefining my definition of success helped me realize what really was keeping me motivated, and allows me to consider myself successful EVERY DAY.

Step 1: Define What Success Means to You

Start here. What does success mean to you? Do you relate success to a dollar amount, or maybe a feeling of “momma I made it!”? To really be successful EVERY DAY, you have to define what is a success is to you. Success isn’t a one size fits all hoodie, it is custom made for each individual person. This was a huge game-changer in my book. Before I defined what success meant to me, I borrowed everyone else’s definition of it. It doesn’t work like that. Mike’s dream goal of owning 100 properties sounded great to me at first but I quickly realized that my version of success was more than just owning properties. I stopped putting a quantitative value on success because it was limiting my income and growth potential. I have quantitative goals for my business, as does every entrepreneur, but I view these as milestones on the path of anything is possible.  Now, my definition of success includes 4 basic things: happiness, freedom, good health, and great memories. These are the things that keep me happy and fulfilled, while keeping me motivated to continue on this journey, no matter where it takes me financially.

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Step 2: Show Up Every Day

After defining what success means in your book, the vital next step is SHOWING UP EVERY DAY. Be present in your business, hell just in your life, every single day. This seems so simple but it trips people up. It can be hard to show up every day. When I had no idea what I was doing, when I had no income, and when every day felt like I was being thrown into the fire of the unknown… trust me, staying home and binge-watching Netflix sounded a lot more appealing than showing up. Even when I didn’t know where to start on a new project, I still showed up, because then I at least had the chance to figure it out. Showing up every day is basically keeping a promise to yourself that no matter what, you will always try. At first, it sucks! Now that it is a habit, I don’t ever think about canceling anymore. Once I’m there, I know I can figure it out, but to figure it out, I have to be there. How do you make yourself show up every day?

Step 3: Love What You Do

If you are still relating money to happiness… sorry bro, you’ll never be successful. A lot of my goals are centered around a dollar amount, but I also realize that money means nothing if I don’t bring value to myself and everyone around me. The key to showing up every day is building something you have to look forward too. There is no way I would still be in this business if I didn’t love it. Looking for a get rich quick plan? I don’t have it for you. Life is too short to spend every day miserable because you don’t enjoy the work you are doing.  Money is a great motivator for the easy times, but loving what I do keeps me showing up every damn day, even when the money isn’t there. I love money because it provides me the opportunity to do that stuff that really matters to me. Success to me is having the means to make great memories, have time to stay in shape and have the freedom to live a life I love. Replace your monetary values with fulfilling experience and watch the success come rolling in.

Step 4: Don’t Be Afraid of Failing

Did I love this job at first? Honestly, NO. 

Every day was new and ScArYyy. 

My biggest motivator was not looking like a complete idiot because I failed a lot. To even get to a point where you can love what you do, you have to give up the fear of failing. Instead, embrace it. When all you want is to be successful, failure seems like the biggest roadblock in that path. Failure is not a roadblock, it is a detour sign. If I was scared of failing, I wouldn’t have a set such a high definition of success. I would’ve stuck with something I know I can achieve, not something that feels right. I don’t know if I will reach all my goals but I’m sure as hell not going to let the fear of failing to stop me from trying. When you start letting your failures define your worth, you will only see yourself as a failure. If I would’ve let all my failures define what I was doing every day, I would never try anything new. I would be at home, cuddled up in bed, rewatching some show I’ve seen 3 times already.

Step 5: Surround yourself with successful people

We have been hearing the famous saying “You are who your friends are” since middle school. The most recent realization I have had in my own journey to success is the truth of this statement. Surrounding myself with the people I defined as successful has slowly shifted my mindset into a successful mindset. My closest colleagues are people that show up every day, love what they do, and are not afraid of failing. I make an effort to be around these people every day. Whether it is just a quick lunch, a Panera coffee, or a phone call, it’s the little daily influence that has made a huge difference in my confidence. Sadly, this also means cutting off people that are bringing you down, or at least limiting your time around them. Negative people may seem harmless, especially if you have a strong mindset, but they do subconsciously influence our decisions and motivations. GaryVee’s rule for this is for every 2 successful people you bring into your life, cut out 1 negative person. It’s not easy, but it has been so worth it!


It doesn’t matter what your definition of success is, as long as it is aligned with your passion. Show up for yourself every day and LOVE IT. Embrace your failures as detours and surround yourself with who you want to be EVERY DAMN DAY, and you can’t lose. 

Josiah Dettmann

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